Screen Ages 3 years, 7 months- 4 years

Recommendations: If more than three boxes are checked in one section, then an evaluation is recommended

Fine Motor:

__Cuts circles with scissors

__Traces a horizontal line

__Eats entire meal independently

__Buttons and unbuttons

__Strings 1/2 inch beads

__Zips and unzips non-separating zipper

Speech and Language:

__Tells how common objects are used

__Uses five word sentences, some compound, using “and, because”

__Articulates “p, b, t, d, k, g” and able to make sounds in isolation

__Can maintain conversation without changing topic; uses requests please and thank you

__Follows 3-step commands

Gross Motor:

__Uses overhand toss, hits target from 5 feet

__Can walk down stairs with alternating steps

__Balances on one foot for 5-10 seconds

__Climbs ladder on low play equipment

__Walks on straight line

__Hops forward 6 inches on one foot