Screen Ages 3 years-3 years 6 months

Recommendations: If more than three boxes are checked in one section, then an evaluation is recommended

Fine Motor:

__Cuts paper into two pieces

__Winds a small toy

__Builds a tower of 9 blocks or more

__Draws a circle and cross with a model

__Dresses and undresses except for fasteners

Speech and Language:

__Names primary colors

__Uses “who, what, why and how” questions

__Says 800 words

__Articulates /m/, /n/, /ing/, /w/, /y/, /f/

__Matches object to picture and object to function

__Uses 3-4 word sentences

Gross Motor:

__Kicks a large ball

__Pedals a small tricycle

__Walks and steps up on alternating feet without help

__Stands on one foot for three seconds

__Jumps forward 26 inches

__Throws and catches a ball 10 feet