Screen Ages 4 years-4 years, 6 months

Recommendations: If more than three boxes are checked in one section, then an evaluation is recommended

Fine Motor:

__Cuts a square with scissors

__Puts together 5-piece puzzle

__Shows a preferred hand use

__Uses all eating utensils (spoon and fork)

__Able to dress self without help (shirts, pants, socks)

__Draws a square on paper with demonstration

Speech and Language:

__Plays with words

__Able to tell street and town they live in

__Understand quantity concepts such as “give me three”

__Speaks in complete sentences

__Says approximately 1500-2000 words

__Knows between, above and below

Gross Motor:

__Walks in an adult pattern

__Jumps over objects 5 inches to 6 inches high and lands on both feet

__Hops forward 16 inches on 1 foot

__Performs 3-4 sit ups in 30 seconds


__Stands on tiptoes for 8 seconds without loss of balance