Screen Ages 5-6 years

Recommendations: If more than three boxes are checked in one section, then an evaluation is recommended

Fine Motor:

__Begins to tie shoes

__Draws a person with 5 recognizable parts

__Prints letters and numbers

__Distinguishes between right and left on self

__Shows definite hand dominance

__Cuts out complex pictures

Speech and Language:

__Articulates /th/, /j/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/

__Retells story with picture book with reasonable accuracy

__Understands “yesterday”

__Asks permission to use objects

__Uses superlatives “est”

__Distinguishes alike, same, different

Gross Motor:

__Gallops for 10 feet

__Hops 20 feet in 6 seconds

__Skips for 10 feet

__Jumps over rope or string 10 inches high

__Stands on 1 foot for 10 seconds without loss of balance