Screen Ages 6-7 years

Recommendations: If more than three boxes are checked in one section, then an evaluation is recommended

Fine Motor:

__Draws person with 8 recognizable parts

__Puts together complex puzzles

__Calculates simple one digit math

__Writes first/last name from memory

__Writes numbers 1-19 with no model

Speech and Language:

__Reads ten printed words

__Tells time

__Rote counts to 100

__Articulates /br/, /gr/, /kr/, /bl/, /r/, /l/

__Aware of mistakes in others speech

__Uses reflexive pronouns (e.g., herself) and passive voice

Gross Motor:

__Throws a ball to target and catches ball after 1 bounce

__Jumps 8 inches beyond normal reach when standing

__Stand from sidelying on back without turning to side 4 times in 20 seconds

__Kicks a ball 12 feet in the air

__Completes 3 consecutive somersaults